Case law research using the internet

UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, NZ, HK, SA and Commonwealth Jurisdictions

The World Legal Information Institute database contains all British and Irish law reports and legislation which is available on the web. In addition it contains all Australasian, HK, Canadian, South African and other resources from various dates. If looking for cases referring to leading cases such as Chaplin v Hicks the search will highlight references to that case in all jurisdictions (so there is no need to carry out individual country searches). 

Note: Different searches produce different results. If looking for cases which refer to Tate & Lyle Food and Distribution Ltd v Greater London Council [1982] 1 WLR 149; [1981] 3 All ER 716, QBD for example, the choice of words used in the search is important. Punctuation and symbols such as '&' may not be used consistently so it may be necessary to experiment. Example results are as follows:

"Tate & Lyle" (this phrase) = 1200+ hits (see note below)
Tate AND Lyle (this boolean query) = 1200+ hits (identical to the above)
Lyle Food (this phrase) = 60+ hits
Tate AND Lyle AND speculation (this boolean query) = 60+ hits

If the case contains a name or words which are likely to be unique then use those words and select 'this phrase'

US Case Law

The US legal system is (with the exception of Louisiana) also based on the common law. US case law may be accessed via Findlaw:

When searching using keywords, note that different terminology may apply. 

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